Skycasters Internet from satellite broadband gets iDirect Evolution support

Skycasters is leveraging the iDirect Evolution Series X3 and X5 platforms to provide enterprise consumers with the newest in IP Internet from satellite broadband connectivity.


The new-generation iDirectsatellite routers implement the DVB-S2 standard in digital video broadcasting-satellite. Evolution X3 and X5 fulfill the requirements for Internet and VPN virtual private network, as well as other satellite broadband applications. They also boost access to enterprise networks, VoIP, and video conferencing.

According to President Mike Kister, iDirect Evolution technology will allow Skycasters to provide greater bandwidth efficiency and improved customer service no matter the conditions. With iDirect Evolution, satellite modems can execute adaptive coding and modulation (ACM.) By choosing the coding and modulation schedule that will permit the largest amount of data throughput given the location and situation, satellite remotes can keep Internet from satellite services running despite disruptive events like rain.


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