O3b, Kordia whip up Ka-band Internet from satellite solution for Cook Islands

A strategic partnership between O3b Networks and Kordia, a systems integrator based in New Zealand, will deliver Ka-band Internet from satellite services to the Cook Islands in the Pacific.

Telecom Cook Islands (TCI) has tasked Kordia with the installation of an O3b Tier-1 terminal in Rarotonga. Combined with the O3bTrunk Ka-band capacity and fully-managed trunking solution, TCI will be able to provide  satellite Internet connectivity superior to the satellite broadband currently used by businesses, residents, and tourists in the Cook Islands.

In addition Kordia will set up O3b Tier-2 terminals in four of the Cook Islands for TCI’s high-speed, low-latency O3bTrunk service solution.The O3b solution allows TCI to deliver more than 20 times the bandwidth currently enjoyed by each island at speeds rivaling that of fiber while also ensuring affordable prices and sub-150 millisecond latency.

O3b is already training the technical engineering teams that Kordia will dispatch to the Cook Islands in the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the Tier-1 and Tier-2 O3b terminals.

O3b Networks is the world’s biggest Ka-band operator. Its solutions are used by communications service providers to deliver Internet from satellite capacity around the world. The Company is preparing its unique fleet of eight Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) Ka-band satellites for launch in May.

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