SES powers expansion of GoGo in-flight broadband Internet from satellite services

Commercial airliners plying routes in the North Atlantic, Europe, and the United States will be able to tap in-flight Internet from satellite connectivity provided by a partnership between GoGo and SES.


A trio of SES satellites will expand the coverage of Gogo’s in-flight Internet from satellite services. SES-1 covers the continental United States, NSS-703 serves the North Atlantic, and SES-4 delivers bandwidth across Europe. In addition, GoGo will transition from the aging NSS-703 to the new SES-6 satellite halfway through 2014.

The mobility deal between GoGo and SES will provide passengers traversing some of the world’s busiest air routes with acces to Internet from satellite connectivity.

GoGo is currently expanding its coverage of America. It is also making inroads into Europe and the North Atlantic Region. SES will extend both the satellite broadband capacity and network support for its pla

GoGo will debut its SES-powered international Internet from satellite services on Delta Airlines aircraft during the first quarter of 2013.


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