CSIRO releases whitepaper on satellite broadband latency issues

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has released a whitepaper setting out guidelines on how satellite broadband can be optimised for telehealth services. The technology remains crucial in linking remote and rural communities in Australia cut off from terrestrial communications infrastructure. However, satellite broadband is often plagued by latency issues. The whitepaper looks into the various broadband services that will be rolled out by the NBN, and how the regions benefiting from the program could make the most out of the services they will be receiving – either fibre, fixed-wireless, or long term satellite service.

Three percent of the regions to be serviced by the national broadband project will rely on satellite broadband. One of the main concerns would be time delay brought about by latency issues. This may prove detrimental to the plans for telehealth services which relies on high-speed internet access for high-quality video conferencing necessary for diagnosis, as well as complex medical operations. The CSIRO has recommended that satellite broadband services should be appropriate to a region. The three percent that will be relying on satellite broadband are also those which need reliable telehealth applications the most.

Read more about the whitepaper here:

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