NewCom helps USAID bring Internet-from-satellite to remote towns in Colombia

A partnership formed by NewCom International, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID,) and a number of public and private sector organizations will be implementing a pilot program to deliver modern satellite Internet and communications to schools in remote and violence-prone areas of Colombia.

The Nudo de Paramillo Satellite Internet Access and Solar Energy for Rural Communities Initiative aims to stabilize troubled regions in Colombia that have been cut off from local and national governmental entities due to their remote location. It will deliver solar-generated electricity, computers, and Internet from satellite connectivity to these areas.

The phase one pilot program encompasses 26 schools located in the remote and unstable Nudo de Paramillo Region in Northern Colombia. NewCom will provide those schools with satellite Internet services. A total of 4,267 students will be able to access global educational resources and interactive learning through their new Internet from satellite connections.

The initiative is led by USAID and Fundesmag, a nonprofit organization based in Colombia. In addition to NewCom, other public-private sector organizations that will participate in the Nudo de Paramillo initiative include Corantioquia, the public Colombian government-formed agency for advancements in these volatile regions; and Hybrytec S.A.S., which provides turnkey solar energy solutions in Colombia.


One thought on “NewCom helps USAID bring Internet-from-satellite to remote towns in Colombia

  1. Christian Rene Friborg says:

    Providing satellite Internet will surely help kids in the school Great jo, NewCom!

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