Inmarsat, Cisco forming satellite service alliance, satellite app ecosystem

A strategic alliance between Inmarsat and Cisco will deliver advanced satellite services over the Global Xpress Ka-band satellite broadband network. The new partnership will allow Inmarsat’s value added resellers to take advantage of the two companies’ combined service capabilities.

Global Xpress is the first global high-throughput network to offer mobile connectivity. Cisco will develop an advanced satellite applications service delivery platform and a high-end access network that will tap GX’s Ka-band capacity and bandwidth.

Cisco will also design a router for satellite network end-users that can leverage both the capabilities of Inmarsat GX satellite broadband and the current Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), which uses L-band frequencies. The Cisco platform will be able to offer data rates and bandwidth comparable to terrestrial broadband, a quality backed by the performance standards set by Inmarsat.

Once the new GX/BGAN platform is completed, Cisco will put it to the test by operating it on a fully managed basis. Cisco will use the network’s Service Delivery Platform and Prime software stacks to enable voice, video, cloud application services, access to high-speed Internet-by-satellite, and other advanced capabilities.

The GX/BGAN integrated platform will be the first and only hybrid Ka and L-band network that provides reliable worldwide coverage. It will assist Inmarsat and its partners in the development and remote deployment of innovative satellite applications. In turn, these new services will be able to reach much further across the whole Inmarsat network with the help of the Cisco-designed platform.

“Through these agreements with Cisco,” Rupert Pearce, CEO of Inmarsat, stated about his Company’s partnership with Cisco, “we are providing world-class infrastructure as a platform for our partners and us to offer services beyond pure satellite connectivity and this is a key aspect of our strategy for the future.”

Cisco plans to introduce its Inmarsat GX/BGAN service delivery platform and satellite network router in 2013.


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