HughesNet Gen4 satellite broadband for Rural America

According to a report by the FCC, nearly 15 million Americans remain cut off from high-speed broadband access, or have no connection whatsoever, most of them in remote, rural areas of the states. While rival Dish Network has recently announced offering internet on satellite services, HughesNet is looking at upgrading its satellite broadband technology with the introduction of HughesNet Gen 4, the latest update by the satellite operator for its broadband solutions.

The latest generation offers high-speed broadband access of up to 15mbps as compared to the 10mbps from Dish Network. However, prepare to shell out more dollars to HughesNet for the faster speeds they offer. The 15mbps downloads, with 2mpbs uploads may be faster than the rivals but with a tighter cap 40Gb allowance, the package is priced similarly to cable at $50 a month, $10 more than then 10mbps being offered by dish as a base price for satellite internet bundled with satellite TV.

The tighter caps for HughesNet high-speed offerings may be a deterrent for those who want to enjoy faster broadband access in rural America. But for those who simply want to enjoy multiple internet connections better than DSL, it’s a choice between Dish and HughesNet.

Satellite broadband technology is also expanding as more powerful birds are launched. Recently, ViaSat was chosen to provide in-flight internet service to Jet Blue airways.


3 thoughts on “HughesNet Gen4 satellite broadband for Rural America

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    There will be a lot of happy folks with this available. For many, the only option (even if it is an option) is a pricy MyFi/wireless dongle with a carrier.

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