Internet from satellite via NewSat Australia

One of the biggest problems facing nation’s working on state-wide broadband projects is how to reach areas which are seemingly, hard-to-reach. Many rural towns are located in regions which pose geographic challenges. Can you imagine building a fibre network system in a rugged, mountainous landscape; or in an island hundreds of kilometers offshore; or even inside national parks with thick natural foliage? In such situations, the traditional networks simply won’t work and because of the location, national broadband carriers are unable to provide coverage.

To fill in the gaps or cover the last mile, NewSat Ltd – one of the leading satellite communications companies in Australia – offers internet from satellite solution. Instead of relying on networks of cable, Internet access utilizes the power of geostationary satellites and earth stations. An example of an earth station would be the two teleports operated by NewSat – one in Adelaide, and another in Perth.

Using powerful Ku band satellites which can hurdle rain fade and thus minimize latency issues, internet from satellite is comparable to the service enjoyed by people who live in cities. Rural folks can now enjoy high speed wireless Internet via satellite thanks to NewSat Ltd.

Geographic barriers are slowly being taken down thanks to the constant improvement and refinements in wireless backhaul solutions. NewSat Ltd is already looking for more ways to take the service to the next level. The company has a bright future with the Jabiru Satellite Program – a series of Ka band satellites slated for launch in the coming years – which will provide even more satellite capacity, and thus, more powerful and effective satellite internet solutions.

Call NewSat for more remote connectivity solutions. Connect with us at +61 3 9674 4644 and soon you will be connecting with the rest of the world.  


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