Satellite internet company offers metamaterial antenna

Access to the internet is becoming an ever more crucial part of modern life. People are now demanding for internet on the go, access to their online media anywhere and anytime. One of the more recent trends, and also growing, is the use of internet from satellite. Since consumers are looking for connections anywhere and anytime, it is consequently impossible to build terrestrial networks where geography does not permit. Think of mountain ranges, uninhabited islands, tropical rain forests, and the vast oceans. In such instances, satellite internet is often the ideal solution.

Kymeta Corporation has looked into developing hardware the could make use of internet by satellite more effectively. Its Metamaterials Surface Antenna Technology (MSA-T), was developed by a team of engineers who focused on more powerful satellite user terminal products. Years of research and development went behind the MSA-T, which was designed to meet the growing demand for internet on-the-go.

Kymeta is looking at transportation sectors across the globe for the application of MSA-T. Airline companies have already been using satellite internet to provide in-flight connects, along with the maritime industry – from cruise ships, to patrol boats. Kymeta also hopes to have its product installed in train stations, and trains, focusing on business travelers and tourists who need Internet to send emails, read the latest news or connect to travel applications on their smart devices.

Currently, the MSA-T technology is in use in Kymeta’s products: the Portable Satellite Hotspot laptop-sized terminal, the mTenna Core Module, and the Aeronautical Internet Access.

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