Maxwell brings prepaid satellite internet broadband to rural South Africa

Maxwell Technology will soon begin providing fast, affordable, and reliable satellite internet to township and rural entrepreneurs in South Africa through its Satellite Hot Spot prepaid broadband product.

A subsidiary of Barnstone Corporate Holdings, Maxwell aims to generate connectivity for the most remote areas in South Afric. Maxwell’s on-site satellite dishes and routers will be able to access the steerable Ku-band beams of the AMOS 5 broadband satellite.

What sets Maxwell’s new internet-from-satellite service apart from its regional competitors is its billing model. Satellite Hot Spot operates on lines similar to a prepaid model, charging users for the connectivity they use.

This billing model is a huge innovation in the satellite business, and we are first to market in Africa,” says Shimri Lotan, the sales director for satellite internet provider Sat-Space Africa. The prepaid approach was pioneered here in South Africa and, one could argue, lies behind the phenomenal growth of our mobile market,” adds Lotan.

Township or rural entrepreneurs will find Maxwell’s prepaid satellite internet service to be of great benefit when setting up their businesses in remote areas of Africa. Satellite Hot Spot can be used to provide connectivity to internet cafes, hotels, and lodges, allowing customers and staff to stay connected on the Internet.

Maxwell officials also stated that wireless operators could use Satellite Hot Spot’s broadband pacacity as a reliable alternative or back-up for their terrestrial infrastructure.


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